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1087 Limahana Place
Lahaina, HI, 96761
United States


Maui's Best Bike Shop for over 25 years! West Maui Cycles in Lahaina Maui is a full service Maui bike shop with road bike rentals, Hybrid Street bike and cruiser bike rentals.

We offer custom bike fittings by appointment as well as many shipping/service packages when bringing your bike to Hawaii.

Our shop is located in Lahaina off of Honapiilani Hwy (#30) just behind the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut on the mountain side of the road.

Shop Hours

9-5 pm Mon - Sat
10-4 pm Sun

Customer Reviews

West Maui is great!

WMC Team

I always rent from West Maui. 

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Just arrived back in uk.

WMC Team

Just arrived back in uk.

Would say my memory of cycling round Maui is excellent, and thanks to you for a great experience with a great bike.  You were easy to deal with and well located.




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Bike Rental May 6th and 9th

WMC Team

I rented twice during my week stay and chose a Specialized SL4 Robaix with Disc Brakes.  I use my vacation travel as a way to try out new products and West Maui Cycles did not disappoint.  Your staff were very attentive to my need for proper fit as I planned to ride several hours at a time.  I actually reserved a 56cm and simply planned to come in, make a few adjustments, then hit the road.  I was pleasantly surprised staff was very attentive to making sure the bike fit me properly and comfortably.  After a few adjustments and spins in the parking lot it became evident a 58cm frame would be best for my long-torso and long arms.  Your willingness to help get the right fit and availability of bike sizes to make it happen really made the difference.  I had two great rides around the north end of Maui.  I wish all bike shops provided such top shelf service.   Alonzo


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Such a great shop

WMC Team

Hello West Maui Cycles,

Thanks for making my ride up Haleakala one of the most memorable rides I have ever done.

The bike "Mr. Mozzarella" performed amazingly well. The gearing was perfect for the long ascent.

Next time I am going to camp at Hosmer Grove. Climb up to the peak to watch the sunrise. Descend all the way down to Paia. Then ascend back up to the campsite.

See you next October!


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I came to Maui to ride Haleakala.

WMC Team

I came to Maui specifically to ride Haleakala. To do that I needed to hire a bike in Maui or bring my own. I looked on the Internet and found West Maui cycles. They seemed to have good reviews and good quality bikes to hire, so I placed an order and then thought that I could do with a cassette with a 32 tooth cog for the climb. The staff were immediately able to recommend an alternative bike that had exactly what I was looking for.
When I arrived to collect the bike it was exactly what I was looking for. The bike was clean and in good order with the correct pressure in the tires.
The staff were extremely helpful and were able to answer all my questions on hydration, nutrition and the advice on the actual Haleakala climb.
All in all the service was excellent and I would certainly recommend West Maui cycles.



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Rental remarks from recent visit

WMC Team

Staff at the shop (& Sally),

You all did a very nice job in the rental arrangements. Bike was great selection (Roubaix Comp). Did a nice job with accessories in the flat pack for any potential roadside repairs. And, I appreciated you tracking me down to let me know I had forgotten my blinker light on the bike (thanks Sally).

This was the second time renting from you and good experiences both time. Will look for you again next time I'm there.



My rental expirience.

WMC Team

Hey Folks,

My Tarmac was awesome, worked great. The gatorskins were suitably bullet proof (lot of glass on the road in the resort areas).

Thanks for the advice on getting up Haleakela and about rides north the the Blowhole etc. In all a great expirience. I will rent from you again when I come back to Maui.

Thanks, Guy.


WMC Team

Once again you were all great and the bike was in great working order.


I hope to see you again next March.




Dale O'Krane


WMC Team

You guys were great! I appreciate Scott's efforts to adjust the bike to fit me. It was a great bike. Next time be sure we have sunshine every day! Thanks. Scott Daugherty

How did you do?

WMC Team

You did great,  love to rent such a clean well maintain bike. I'll be back...again!

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Much appreciated.

WMC Team

Dear WMC,


I was pleased with my bike rental and wanted to let you know.  Your shop had my bike ready when I stopped by and put on my pedals quickly. The bike was spotless and in excellent mechanical shape, well adjusted.   Sarah(?)  then gave me very detailed information concerning my planned rides up around Maui West End and up Haleakala.  I put the bike to the test over some strenuous climbing and downhill routes and it performed excellently throughout the 10 days that I rented it.  I have seen many bike shops around the world and think you run a very professional shop according to high standards.  Much appreciated.


Thanks again,


Mike Meagher


(EDIT- We call her Sally, WMC Team -)

Wish I was still in Maui!

WMC Team

Hi! Thanks for your great service. I have given your company 5-star reviews on both TripAdvisor and Yelp. Hope to see you again soon. Just so you know, we have about 8 inches of snow on the ground right now in Philly. Wish I was still in Maui!

-Rob Schimmel

Excellent value

WMC Team

Rented a Specialized Hybrid.  Was very pleased with the condition of the bike:  set up well, tires perfect for road and mild cross.  The triple chainring gearing came in handy on HI 30 and county road 342 from Kapalua along the north coast.  Bike also got me to various beaches and to disc golf in Napili.  Excellent value and high quality service from West Maui.

John Pope

The Time of My Life.

WMC Team

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Just finished a session with my snow blower half way round the world in Ohio. While doing so I reminisced about my great experience on Maui. West Maui Cycles had much to do with that.  I found your shop to be not only friendly but helpful and never condescending.  The young lady who helped with my reservation was great. The Young Brit from the Lake District did a great job helping find precisely the right cycle for me. I can’t say enough about that. That little bike was a whippet and contributed greatly to the pleasure of the ride.  The Time of My Life. Those words are used so often that they have lost their meaning. But for a fellow who had never been to Hawaii in 67 years and who finds a comfort zone while cycling, I find myself visiting those memories of pedaling around the north coast of West Maui on a quiet, beautiful morning. When I returned my cycle the check-in was quick and friendly as well, removing my seat and pedals cheerfully even. I know that you serve many people day in and day out and I know that it can be tedious to annoying while dealing with some of us. But there are some of us, most of us, who are genuinely grateful for your memorable services.


Looking forward to my next trip all the way from Lahaina to Kahului with a stop at Kahakuloa for some banana bread. Aloha


Theodore (Ted) Starkey

Visitor to Maui August 15, 2014


WMC Team

The bikes were tuned perfectly and operated at 100% for the full time.  Well, there was that 2 flat tires!

The friendly and helpful staff could not have been better.  We like that they even have a sense of humor.


Recent rental

WMC Team

Top quality bike in excellent tune, no fuss booking and pickup, and helpful staff. I highly recommend your shop to anyone looking to rent a bike on Maui.



WMC Team

Bike and service were awesome.  Thanks!

James Dyer

Your shop is great!

WMC Team

Thank you for providing a great bike and great customer service for me and my friend. Your shop is great!

Ron Shinall

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Thanks again!

WMC Team

I rented a bike from you to ride the West Maui Loop last week and I wanted to comment on your service and my experience.

First of all, what a ride!  It was a lot of fun, and very challenging for me.  You gave me great advice on what to think about beforehand, and I should have heeded it a bit better.  I loved it!  Frankly, your store and my experience of it didn't seem like much.  To me that is a tremendous complement that you were so easy to deal with and had such a great bike that was perfectly maintained and ready to go that it was an afterthought and my memories are of the beautiful vistas, challenging climbs, and a really great slice of some kind of sweet potato bread when I was about to bonk!  The bike was perfect, the price was great, and the ease of getting in and out was right on.

I commend your service and I highly recommend you for anyone looking to do the same kind of thing I did!

Thanks again!


Rental Feedback

WMC Team

This was an outstanding rental experience. Great bicycle, good advice and information on routes and exceptionally friendly service. I will rent from you again on my next Maui trip.

Cliff Hickel